Love a Good Novel? Find the Information You Need Here

Love a Good Novel? Find the Information You Need Here

A Modern Spin on the Suspense Novel

by Phyllis Long

Suspense books that were written many decades ago seem to have a similar type of protagonist in them: a man who has no fear and is a hero to whomever he encounters throughout his escapades. Although many older suspense novels were written well, you may be interested in reading books that are told from a female's perspective. Something like a modern women's suspense novel will be a great read that can be enjoyed while you are lying on the beach or sprawled out on your bed.

Learn How Modern Characters Define the Adversity That Real Women Face

Although men and women have been more equal recently and there are many movements that support females and their rights, it may still appear to be a man's world at times, especially in the workforce. For instance, a female investigator may not always get the respect that she deserves. Imagine her working alongside a couple of male investigators and being ridiculed for making a mistake or treated as if she does not have the capabilities to solve a crime without the help of a man.

This is where a suspense novel may intertwine with your personal life and perceptions of what is occurring in the world around you. If you have felt less than equal or if you are attempting to strengthen your career and perform a job that was once perceived as men's work, then reading about a strong-willed woman who attempts to solve a crime or decipher some cryptic clues may be intriguing to you.

An opinionated woman who is dead set on helping someone or finding the answer to a dilemma will be a welcome change to the predictable stories that you have read before. 

Choose a Series or a Single Volume

Reading a modern suspense novel should be done when you have nothing pressing on your mind. You will want to learn about each character and the type of crime or mystery that needs to be solved. This means that if you have a load of laundry that must be washed before the next day or a business report that needs to be typed up before work, handle these duties prior to reading.

Purchase a series if you have lots of time to dedicate to reading and enjoy recurring characters in separate books. Buy a single volume if you have less leisure time on your hands and would like to determine if a women's suspense novel would be a type of book that you would enjoy.


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Love a Good Novel? Find the Information You Need Here

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